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Practical Advice to Reuniting with Your Boyfriend

Most of the advice that is so readily available on how to win back your ex-boyfriend is really not very good. When that advice includes begging him to take you back it really should not be considered as a viable option.

Some of the advice you will hear pertains to employing mind games and tactics to provoke him to jealousy and sometimes it will work but basing a relationship on games and jealousy is never a good idea. You might be so desperate that you don't really care but that type of relationship is really not likely to last. The problems of the past will resurface and you will simply end up back where you are - apart.

Apologizing can carry a lot of weight and especially so if the break up was caused through something you did. That is not to suggest that you are to blame for the way things turned out and that he has no responsibility but chances are you must have done some things wrong. An apology cannot hurt.

Once you are able to acknowledge that you also made mistakes in the relationship the situation becomes one that allows you to make changes. If you can do this it will help you to not make the same mistakes again, causing each other heartache, should the two of you work things out and get back together.

Even if a reunion between the two of you does not result from your apology it is still a very good thing to do. Through doing so you will know what mistakes to avoid in your next relationship. When you figure out your mistakes and you make the necessary changes you will find that either way, you will come out of it a better person in the end.

When you do contact him to apologize, keep it short and sweet. Tell him you realize you made some mistakes and that you are truly sorry for any pain you may have caused him.

Do not turn it into a drama with crying and begging thrown in. Also do not have lofty expectations that he will take you back then and there. Chances are that he won't. He may take time to think it over in order to decide if he is prepared to give the relationship another try with the new and more mature you.

Let him have his space if he doesn't immediately agree to a reconciliation. Leave him alone for a while and let him have the time he needs to make up his mind about what he wants to do. If you keep nagging him you will invariably worsen the situation.

While he has his space you need to move on with your life. Do not sit around waiting to hear from him. Do things that will make you feel good about yourself. Go shopping and do what you can to look amazing and get together with your friends. By just waiting for his call you will simply cause yourself unnecessary stress and time will appear to move frustratingly slowly.

Following the above advice will stand you in much better stead when it comes to getting your man back again rather than following the advice to play games and make him jealous. Ultimately it is all up to you so go do it!

If you would like more information on how to get back an ex check out The Magic of Making Up.

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