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Variation involving Slots Machines and Pokies - Brief Guide

If you’re wondering to yourself what in the world the difference is between slots machines and pokies, let’s clear another thing up right here and right now: There is none. To be honest, online slots and online pokies have a similar meaning too, and they’re all really just different words to spell out the same game.

Pokies can be extremely merely Australian slang for slots. How a term first occurred isn’t known for certain, but something is sure - it certainly has stuck. Nowadays, it can be pretty common to find people all corners of the world referring to slots machines as ‘pokies’, that is quite confusing if you're unfamiliar with the word!

But can there be even the slightest distinction between the Australian version of slots and the common American version that a majority of people know?

Australian Pokies and Online pokies

Everything said and done, though there might have been slight variations between Australian pokies and American slots at some time in time - there certainly no longer is. Nowadays, there are numerous different versions of Pokies which it really transcends national boundaries - looking to tell which of them originated from Australia and which ones originated from America is hard.

Over the years many of the development of slots and pokies has brought place in Australia though. The game is extremely popular inside community, and thus it is no surprise that no small amount of online pokies casinos actually come from Australia itself.

That said, the differences between even these casinos and their American counterparts are nowadays minimal at best.

In a nutshell, if you’re trying to find out if there’s anything ‘special’ about pokies in comparison with slots - there isn’t really. The 2 terms are actually interchangeable now, and you may use whichever one you're feeling like.

Needless to say, some say how the terms ‘pokies’ and ‘online pokies’ are a lot more fun-sounding than ‘slots’ and ‘online slots’ - but that really is the only possible difference between the two.

Something that you should definitely do if you’re a pokies aficionado is visit some Australian pokies casinos if you have the time. While the online versions may not be so distinctive from one another, some of the offline ones certainly are, and there’s nothing that can match soaking in the atmosphere at an Australian casino - if you’re into that sort of thing.

At minimum, now you must have absolutely no confusion over the term pokies and slots.

Who knows, you might even be capable of explain to your mates exactly what Slots really is, and how there is no real distinction between the two except the nations from which the terms hail!

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