dinsdag 10 mei 2011

Save Money on Any Company's Advertising Plan using Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography, also referred to as Motion Typography, is the new-age video marketing technique. Investing in Motion Typography in cool commercials is a very sensible strategy for most businessmen, especially if they intend to cut spending for marketing. As marketers, we try our best to relay the message of our services and pique the curiosity of the observer through various ads that we air online and on TV, in an attempt to make a sale. KT video, an animation technique in which texts move in order to produce a wonderful video appeal that will look pleasant and attractive to viewers. A typical KT video would last around thirty to ninety seconds, depending on the company's wishes and ideas. Some examples of these text and graphics animations are in the opening credits and the movie titles (remember “James Bond” or “Inception”). In addition, utilizing motion typography in video and TV commercials helps further to convey the crafted emotion that the ad wants to invoke. By applying motion, varying word and letter sizes, playing with color, speeding up or slowing down the animation, a voice and emotion is established.

Creating animated advertisements using Kinetic Typography helps reduce costs when it comes to making advertisements. Without having to pay actors or post-production engineers, text animation becomes incredibly affordable; since it can easily be designed using Adobe AfterEffects or Cinema 4D, you're spending money on a smaller number of people that work for you. Simultaneously, the effect that they can achieve will surpass traditional adverts – if it's done right. Another element that makes Kinetic animation an inexpensive route to make advertisements is because right now, there aren't a lot of companies who offer such services. This means that YOUR video will stand out of the crowd. As a whole, kinetic typography is viewed as a new and unique way in advertising a service that a business offers. It's a simple and classy approach to online marketing. It stimulates our subconscious state of mind by allowing each individual to be immersed in your brand. By introducing Kinetic Typography in the field of advertisement, there are now more options for businesses to prepare and showcase their brands in order to attract leads and clients, and be able to serve its purpose. Click on www.KineticTypography.com for more examples and information about buying a video for your company!

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