dinsdag 8 maart 2011

LocalBlox Makes Business Networking Simple

Networking, networking, networking and more networking is the modern business man’s or business woman’s mantra. Networking, communicating, allow business to get to know people and gain their trust. Several hours lost without the quick sale? - Maybe, but in the long run, a pleased customer is your best advertisement and she/he will come back. This is what you need in the present day: recommendations and repeat sales! The “Let us make a quick buck” era is likely to be a thing of the past.

Now small business owners/entrepreneurs can reach other businesses and people in their neighborhoods successfully on http://www.localblox.com with the Free ad posting. Post on your Neighborhood Wall on LocalBlox.com. When LocalBlox knows, all your neighbors do too. You can look up your neighbors and neighborhood Business owners and connect with them as easy as one, 2, three

The “Reach the Residents Offer” allows businesses to send voicemail to all local businesses and it's moderated: no spam, no porn or illegal ads! Announce your next sales event or special promotion, a sales party or a happy hour, invite everyone in the neighborhood! It’s FREE in your own neighborhood!

Ads get the best exposure and follow up sales where they're located, local recommendations are best! Know your customers and build a life long relationship, earn their respect and trust as it has always been. LocalBlox makes it very easy to revive the proven values in our neighborhoods for the benefit of all!

Be “Plumber Joe” from the “Dripping Tap” who fixes all the leaks and has a good word for everyone, or “Betty’s Buns” whose home bakery delights the entire neighborhood or Charlie from “Car Crash”, the mobile mechanic who's always where he’s needed most! Localblox helps spread the Word in your neighborhoods. LocalBlox supports every brand new neighborhood business like a Good Neighbor.Visit us all at http://www.localblox.com!

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