zaterdag 2 juli 2011

SEO – what constitutes a good consultant?

SEO Consultants act pretty much in the same way that consultants work in the rest of business today. Primarily they supply support, knowledge and expert information to an organization to assist recognition within the search engine.

As part of an inducement the client may receive free information, the consultant should use the time wisely to define the clients requirement with details though interesting for the consultant which will bore the client.

Most of the techniques SEO consultants use are discussed in this sites blog and generally fulfill the requirements of the cleint. The key part of delivey is managing client expectation.

Any SEO consultant should offer an insight at the top level, what is more important however, is in a way that makes it relevent to you business afterall the SEO consultant has the clients brand in his hands.

By way of a short list and to demonstrate some of the key points I have put a list together of things to look for:

• Always check that the sales person is fully aware of the SEO sales cycle and the requirement – it may sound obvious but good quality SEO is a balancing act however, for the most part it is common sense.

• Check to see if any Google page one campaign have been successful for the client - if that is what is required, for good quality and difficult keywords . SEO Services Now - [sales banter mode off] have achieved that and are willing to provide the contact and references to back this up - when vetting the SEO partner ask when and what timeframe they took to make it happen .

• Check for free information, Good SEO consultants should be happy to do this but it wont be the whole requirement.

• Do not be scared to ask anything in most cases a good SEO consultant will be able to answer them. Ask them how they do it.

• Have a look round, research the competition -compare SEO consultant prices – some are very expensive.

• Go for contract that are sub one year with performance related targets have them as a rolling contract so it is easy to terminate on non-performance, look to non-competitive clauses too.

• Above all check the chosen partner thoroughly, don’t forget though this is a lng term strategy – this is not a one off agreement and you should steer clear of any SEO consultant that suggests otherwise.

This is an easily measurable service and a good SEO consultant should be able to provide what you want and when (approximately) that you want it.

SEO Services Now provide keen pricing seo consultants that can provide these services to you.

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