zondag 16 januari 2011

Moms shoe styles: the must have report you’ve been on the lookout for

In the event you want girls to envy your looks and men to take a look at you in sheer amazement, praising your beauty then you must be extremely specific about every aspect of your look and therefore be conscious about the kind of dress and shoes you select to wear. Shoe styles and colors play a major role in accentuating a person’s looks and so it's essential that a person chooses the best shoe styles like Slingback Heels that will suit her attire and occasion.

Ladies shoe styles are numerous and the most common among them are the high heeled shoes, winter boots, peep toe pumps, ladies flat shoes, wedge shoes, Extended Calf Boots and so on. High heeled shoes are the kind of shoes whose desire will never fall. Probably the most valid reason for liking high heeled shoes is that it makes a woman look elegant and attractive. Ladies with short height can instantly gain few inches by wearing these shoes which in turn also boost their confidence level. High heeled shoes look very stunning with a short dark dress. These shoes also go well with skirts of varying shapes and sizes, jeans and all types of formal wears.

It's extremely important to have a pair of winter boots to keep your feet warm and stop your feet from frostbites and cracks in winter. This does not mean that these boots aren't stylish. There is a wide selection of winter boots which comes in a big number of tones and models. These boots might be ankle high, knee high, Wide Calf Boots or flat which are even adorned with fur and laces. These boots are made by keeping in mind women’s knack for styles and style. These shoes are known for their durability and comfort.

Peep toe pumps are always in fashion and if you have a issue with wearing high heels, you can easily opt for these shoes with out compromising with your fashion quotient. Peep toe pumps are stylish and at the same time comfy. These shoes suit all occasions and places. They can be worn in office as well as in parties.

But if your primary priority is comfortableness, then no other shoe could be better than the ladies flat shoes. Whenever you are going for shopping or picnic, flat shoes ought to be worn to steer clear of any discomfort and pain. Flat sandals with straps can be worn in seashores. These shoes give a chic and casual look. The wedge shoes are now a rage among women of all ages. These shoes are very fashionable and come in numerous designs and colors. Wearing them also gives comfort to your feet as the wedges support the entire feet and not just the heels.

So, that was a little but tidy list of the different kinds of shoes which are a must need to make yourself a style icon. When it comes to the selection of shoes, never compromise the look and style for its price. Remember, shoes are that discreet aspect of dressing that often goes unnoticed, and as a result destroys the entire show.

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